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GeoDa is continuously updated. The most current version is GeoDa 1.18 with new features. We found it to be stable but if you encounter a bug, please let us know. You can also report bugs and issues on our Github site. The source code for GeoDa is available here and is released under the GPL v3.0 license.

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Latest GeoDa release: (release notes)
12/10/2020 subversion 1.18.0
9/24/2020 subversion 1.16.0
8/24/2019 subversion 1.14.0
9/26/2018 subversion
4/26/2018 subversion
11/13/2017 subversion
10/01/2017 subversion 1.12
06/01/2017 subversion 1.10
03/07/2017 subversion
03/05/2017 subversion 1.8.16
11/08/2016 subversion 1.8.14
09/01/2016 subversion 1.8.12
07/14/2016 subversion 1.8.10
06/11/2016 subversion 1.8.8

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